Hello everyone. I don’t post on here very often. But I need anyone and everyone to boost the hell out of this.

Yesterday, my car died. This resulted in me losing not one, but both of my jobs. I have no friends in the area because we just moved and most of my friends are away at college. I live…


Darling of mine oh so sweet.
I miss you more than the moon would miss the stars if they would disappear.
You are the Sun that brightens up my day when the rain falls and the sky turns to a gloomy gray.
You’re touch is all I think of, the feeling of your fingers running down my arm as you hold me close to make sure I’m always there.
You’re eyes are what sees me through when the rest of the world is dark. They light up my way back to you.
You’re smile is more beautiful each and every time I see it. Its worth more to me than money itself. I would be a poor man but a rich one bust by seeing one of your smiles.
Your lips are what haunt my dreams every time I close my eyes. The thought of tasting them and waking up each morning to the soft touch of them against mines is all I dream of.
The love I have for you couldn’t compare to anything in this world. Because you are my world. You are my reason you are my one and only. Without you I am as empty inside as I feel on the outside. You’re the only one that can fill this void my darling. Please just be mine not for a day, not for just a night but for the rest of my life.

This poem came from my heart to give to the one I fell in love for to help them get the one they truly love without knowing how much my heart is breaking

Unspoken words speak the loudest