Ed Sheeran is a better rapper than most rappers and he isn’t even a rapper

He’s a singer with a flow

That has a habit of spittin’ quicker lyrics, you know?

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I was at the Nashville gig and "Baby Ed", as we entitled him, was so cute! He took pictures with about 1000 people while we were waiting in GA. I was so happy he got m&g tickets!

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Yes! This kid? 


He was great! I wish I had gotten a picture with him. So cute. 

Here’s a funny story about the Baby Ed I met in Nashville. I was hanging out with redpenguinninja and her friend Ashley, and we saw this redheaded guy outside the arena dressed in a hoodie and jeans and big sneakers - very similar to how Ed often dresses - and a lot of people were taking photos with him. So we thought it would be fun to get a picture with him too, just for the laughs, you know? So we go over and get pictures with him and mention how he looks like Ed or whatever, and then he, very seriously, goes, “Oh, you don’t recognize me?” And Ashley goes, “Should we?” And he’s like, “Well, this is awkward…” 

Turns out everyone was getting photos with this guy not because he was dressed like Ed, but because he was a contestant on X Factor. 



His name is Chase Goehring, and he’s actually covered some of Ed’s songs before on youtube. You can check out his channel [here]. :)

i want ed sheeran to cover anaconda by nicki minaj

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Okay, that is definitely the best suggestion I have ever heard. 


Also the best photoshopping I have ever done, amiright? xD

Hi Jen!!! That Simpsons book Ed posted on instagram is very nice!! I loved it!! It was you who gave it?? What is this about actually? Do you have any pics so we can take a look?? Thanks ♥♥♥♥

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Hi! I’m so glad you liked that picture. :) It was from a book of fanart that I drew for Ed. I put him into some different animated tv shows, and I also drew him a couple of comic strips. You can see some of the things I included in the book [here], [here], and [here]. The front cover of it looks like this: 


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